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New menu for delivery next week!


The seedlings are germinating in the greenhouses and the sap is running at Plan B Organic Farms so we know Spring has begun! Get ready for more locally inspired meals that taste great, are made from scratch and have ingredients that are thoughtfully procured through our expanding network of suppliers and producers.
This week we have a favourite returning, Lebanese Shepherd's Pie in vegan and meat options and something new, pizza kits. Just like our fajita kits, our pizza kits have all the fixings for a nutritious, fast and fun meal that can replace delivery night. We are also trying out a healthy cookie dough which will make a warm batch of fluffy cookies in 15 minutes, great for lunches and would also be an activity for the budding chef in your house.
We hope that many of our meals can replace a night when you're in a rush and would have to opt for fast food but instead have a meal that has organic ingredients, locally sourced foods and is full of veggies. Please let us know what you are enjoying and what you would like us to try.
Yours in healthy meals,  Lia & Shana

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