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New menu is out for delivery next week!


Hello RFK families & friends! We will be cooking up your meals and snacks for delivery next Thursday September 17th! We have been preserving the local harvest, cooking up our homemade stock and testing gluten-free & vegan snacks all from our new kitchen! September has arrived and so have our busy schedules, which makes now the perfect time to get some help from us at RFK. We have lots of menu items to choose from that will support you in getting a homemade, nutritious and delicious meal on the table quickly. Check out our NEW MENU Go directly to our ORDER FORM What makes us different? All of our foods are: * Conveniently delivered to your neighbourhood, home or business * Full of vegetables and other nutrient dense foods (many of which will be hidden so the kids don't notice!) * Made with ingredients sourced direct from local organic farms, local producers and cooperatives * Free of additives, preservatives and food-dyes * Homemade and from scratch Please let us know if you have any questions. Yours in healthy meals, Shana Narciso & Lia Bunting

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